How Kayo And Hisense Are Revolutionizing Sports Streaming In Australia


The way we watch sports in Australia is rapidly changing, thanks to the team-up of Kayo Sports and Hisense visiting Kayo has been disrupting the traditional ways of watching live sports since its launch in 2018, and now, it has partnered with Hisense to offer a seamless, high-quality streaming experience to sports enthusiasts across the country.

Who are Kayo and Hisense?

Kayo is an Australian-based sports streaming service that offers a unique experience for sports fans. Launched by Foxtel, Kayo offers live streaming of popular sports events from around the world, including AFL, NRL, NBA, NFL, UFC, and more. With a range of features, including split-screen viewing and the ability to watch up to four games at once, Kayo has become a fan favorite in just a few years.


Hisense, on the other hand, is one of Australia’s leading television brands, with a strong presence in the smart TV market. As of 2021, Hisense is the fastest-growing TV brand in Australia, thanks to its innovative features, stunning picture quality, and impressive sound system.

The Powerful Partnership: Kayo and Hisense

Kayo and Hisense have joined forces to offer sports fans a unique, immersive, and high-quality streaming experience. Hisense’s latest range of smart TVs comes pre-installed with the Kayo app, making it easier than ever to access live sports events and on-demand content. This brilliant combination of technology ensures that watching live sports feels like you’re in the stadium itself go to website


With Kayo and Hisense’s partnership, you can now watch your favorite sport in stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution. Whether you’re into AFL, NRL, NBA, or NFL, Hisense’s Quantum Dot technology ensures that you don’t miss a single moment of the action. And, with Kayo’s extensive range of features, you can customize your viewing experience to suit your preferences. The split-screen feature, for instance, allows you to watch up to four games simultaneously, on a single screen.

The Future Of Sports Streaming In Australia

The partnership between Kayo and Hisense is a game-changer for sports fans in Australia. It provides seamless and high-quality streaming, visit website and the convenience of having the app pre-installed on Hisense smart TVs. With Hisense’s growth in the smart TV market and Kayo’s ever-expanding range of sports events, this partnership is bound to transform the way we watch live sports in Australia.


Furthermore, with 5G technology on the horizon, live sports streaming is only going to get better. 5G is set to revolutionize sports streaming, bringing super-fast internet speeds and low latency to live games like never before. This means that no matter where you are when your favorite game is on, you’ll never have to miss a moment of the action.


In conclusion, Kayo and Hisense are taking sports streaming to new heights in Australia. With Kayo’s extensive coverage of live sports events and Hisense’s cutting-edge technology, sports fans can now watch live games, anytime, anywhere. Hisense’s latest smart TVs, pre-installed with the Kayo app, provide the ultimate viewing experience, one that’s immersive, high-quality, and personalized. As we move towards an era of 5G technology, the future of sports streaming in Australia looks bright, and this partnership between Kayo and Hisense is leading the way.

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