6 Easy Home Decor Projects to Do This Summer: Great home upgrades for 2023!

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Summer is an ideal time to get creative with your home décor. It’s warm and sunny so that you can spend more time in your house, and the outside world is beckoning with new ideas for sprucing up your space. Plenty of easy DIY projects can transform any room into the one-of-a-kind space you’ve always wanted, whether a cute small apartment or a sprawling house.

Replace your throw pillows.

If you’re ready for new decorating ideas, here are seven easy home décor projects to help you create an updated look for summer 2019! Replacing your throw pillows is one easy way to spruce up your home. They add color and texture to any different type of room and can also be easily swapped out to match the seasons.

  • Replace old throw pillows with new ones from the store or make them yourself (see below).
  • Change the throw pillows in each room, or just in the rooms where you spend your time–like the living room or bedroom.
  • Change them seasonally: winter vs. summer, spring vs. fall, Valentine’s Day vs. Halloween.

Update your curtains.

  • Choose a fabric. The best way to update your curtains is by choosing a new material. You can choose from many fabrics, so look around and see what patterns and textures catch your eye.
  • Help to Decide on the style of curtain you want. There are several different styles of curtains that you can buy, including pleated (similar to Roman shades), tab tops, sheer panels, and blackout curtains. Each one has its benefits–for instance, tab tops allow airflow while blackout curtains block out light completely–so decide which will work best for your windows before purchasing anything!
  • Buy some new drapes! Once you’ve decided on all these things about what kind of curtain will fit best into each space at home or workplace, then it’s time to go shopping! Head to the nearest mall, where many stores sell exciting things like clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and other great choices!

Give your entryway a facelift.

The entryway is the first area that catches your attention when you enter your home. Creating a warm and inviting, hospitable atmosphere is crucial. To help you complete this, here are some simple and easy ways to refresh your space:

  • Use a rug to define the space. Rugs are incredible because they add color, texture, and warmness to a room–without having to paint or install new flooring! Try using one that matches your style (or go bold with something unexpected).
  • Hang an attractive mirror on the wall opposite your front door for an instant upgrade without breaking the bank. It’ll reflect light into dark corners and make them seem more significant than they are!
  • Add plants near where people sit down so they can enjoy nature while relaxing indoors–it’ll also help purify air quality in this area too!

Rearrange your furniture

If you need more time to feel overwhelmed by all the furniture in your house, this is a great project to start with. It’s comfortable and will allow you to make changes without buying anything new or hiring anyone.

If you have too much furniture and it’s making your rooms feel cramped, try rearranging the pieces to form an open floor plan–or at least allow more light into the room by removing any large furniture blocking windows. 

This system will also help when it comes time to entertain guests; with less stuff around them, they’ll feel more comfortable hanging out! If certain pieces (and people) tend not to get along well together, move them apart so everyone can enjoy themselves equally during parties and get-togethers at home.”

Spruce up the space with plants.

A thrilling way to spruce up your home is by adding plants. Plants help bring life and beauty to your space, but they can also be an excellent method to help clean the air in your home. Looking for a straightforward way to add plants to your decor? Here are some ideas:

  • Succulents are popular because they don’t require much maintenance and can survive on little water (plus they look cool).
  • Cacti make great accents because they’re super trendy right now! They need very little light or water, so they’re perfect if you’re looking for something low-maintenance that looks good as well.

Add a mirror to the room.

Mirrors are a popular way to make a small room look bigger and help create a larger space that feels more intimate. They can reflect light, brightening the room and making it feel brighter. Mirrors are also helpful for framing unique pieces of art or furniture in your home.

Make any room look totally with these simple home décor changes!

It’s easy to get bound up in the excitement of a new task and forget about the little details. Ensure that you have everything needed before you begin:

  • Have the time and vitality for this project? It might be more useful to wait until later.
  • Do I have all of my tools? Is my workspace organized enough for me to work on this comfortably?
  • Is there anything else I can do beforehand so that I’m ready to start working on this project?


We hope these great ideas have inspired you to make your home look new again! Were you overwhelmed by all the possibilities? Start small! Pick one project from this list and get started on it today. Then work through each one until you’ve turned your living room into something fresh and exciting. Check out our shop for more pictures or detailed descriptions of each item. Happy shopping!

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